Parties are a time of cheer where adults get to have beer!

But really, I love them -parties that is- and would love to share my ideas and tips with you. Besides..
Party planning never bothered me anyway!


Thanks to social media exposure and better psychological research – Nowadays, people are becoming more and more in-tune with how their child is affected by their parents actions. Normally: love, acceptance, boundaries…are the everyday necessity. BUT a party is a mother’s/father’s time to shine!

It’s your little one’s birthday! So she is going to give it her best to show her that she loves and cares about her interests.

  • The theme
  • the cake
  • the creative party favors
  • the impressive entertainment

and of course the party decorations! Everything that will make you Mom of the Year, when your child enters her birthday party.


All of this sounds so easy to plan, but when it comes down to it, it actually takes up a lot of work and creativity.

Let’s admit it, not every mom is a quote on quote “pinterest mom” but all those cute ideas give us the inspiration we need to try!

Now, all that’s left is getting some tips and 3 cups of starbucks.


Here are our tips:

How to Throw a Frozen Themed Birthday Party!


  1. The birthday girl MUST wear an Elsa or Anna dress


She is the star and needs to know it with a beautiful themed dress.

Click here to see the dress


  1. A Frozen themed cake


My most tastiest part of the list.

Link to more cakes


  1. Themed party favors


A party favor should be small and inexpensive. But creativity shines and you can still be inexpensive if it’s well planned.

Link to more themed party favors

  1. Hire a Professional Princess


I cannot stress the word professional enough. Please do your research, via social media reviews, to make sure that the princess -you are going to hire- takes her job very seriously. A glance at their Instagram will reveal whether she is the right fit for your home party environment, or not. Actresses that are mothers and/or know how to love children unconditionally, get extra kudos; because of their extra-special attention skills to a child’s reactions and emotions.

I would be shooting myself in the foot if I didn’t talk about my company, Imagination Princess Parties. We care deeply about children and our performance. Why? Because as our company, we model to love children and to know how to make them smile; besides, I am a mother myself of a 3 and a 2 yr old.

Some people are just worth melting for.

More on Our Princess Parties

Normally a Google search will give you good results. Otherwise, this is my favorite, here’s an easy way to find a princess near you using Gigsalad.

  1. Themed party decorations and dessert table display


Last but not least, decorations. They are exhausting, but boy do they bring the feel of the party together.

Here are some more pictures and ideas of decorations.


You must promise yourself to breath..

and understand this party will not look exactly like the pins on pinterest because… well it’s pinterest.. and because you’re human, not a collection of unrealistic expectations.


Or maybe it will (if you’re a supernatural Mom.)


As a professional princess, I know themed games, decorations and hiring a professional character really makes the difference and adds some extra magic! Hope these links will bring the inspiration needed to bring your party to life!




Princess K

Imagination Princess Parties

About the author:

Kristina, owner, is the lead princess performer and a die hard Disney fan. While off the clock she’s a full time mother to two toddler boys. You can expect the Head Princess to know how to connect and interact with children of all ages. She also trains all her princesses to know mommy tips and tricks:)

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