Our princess entertainment company just got a new branding and a new make-over.

We invited the fairy Godmother father of web design to give us a new look and even granted us a new name.



Our new website transformation

Imagination Princess Parties’ has a New View

See the New Site (front page)

We went through a couple of names until we got it right. First it was Imagination to Capture then Princess Party Productions

(I liked that one)  ..and then finally,

drum roll.. brrrrrrr, oh you already know..

Imagination Princess Parties!

Imagination Princess Parties logo

The fairy Godfather also granted me a

  • new and glamorous logo
  • magical website full of helpful information
  • and a user friendly booking form.

Image below: This is the look of our booking page currently. 

Click to see the booking pages.
And the best part about all of this is, I get to keep all these treasured gifts past midnight!


Oh, yes I was supposed to be serious…

Well I’m not really good with serious; I was told to write a professional blog on announcing a-

“re-branding, on our new, fast and easy to use website”

blah, blah, blah, serious stuff.. oh and the upcoming characters!


I know what you’re all thinking, “about time they offer new characters!

Here’s the gist… I made a vow to my company that our princesses will only wear the highest of quality costumes and wigs. The best of quality means it is going to take time. Oh rats!.. but wow do we look splendid.


Who are these characters?

  1. The MermaidPrincess
  2. and Olaf


ALSO! We are super excited to announce that -very very soon- we will be offering Russian Princess Parties for birthday parties and events! We are currently training staff to be the exclusive bi-lingual russian actresses for these roles.

Привет! ?


Imagination Princess Parties is bringing a new vibe to princess entertainment and we are excited to share it with all of you! Expect fun, funky videos, pictures, unique party activities; and a variety of party services and merchandise!


Can’t wait to meet some new friends and see ya’ll soon. Thank you for being so patient with us during this journey. Enjoy the new and improved website ?



Princess K

Imagination Princess Parties

About the author:

Kristina, owner, is the lead princess performer and a die hard Disney fan. While off the clock she’s a full time mother to two toddler boys. You can expect the Head Princess to know how to connect and interact with children of all ages. She also trains all her princesses to know mommy tips and tricks:)

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